Before I tell you about me, I want to share a few rules I live by:


Act with integrity.

Don’t take things so personally- it’s not always about you.

Fight for what you believe in.

Always assume positive intent unless it’s obviously not so.

Always keep an open mind.

Follow through; say what you mean, mean what you say.

Be genuine, be yourself.



I’m a Principal Recruiting Consultant who loves this business. I’ve been recruiting for 10+ years and continue to find it exciting and rewarding. I enjoy the variety of hiring managers, leaders, and candidates I get to partner with and solving complex problems. I love that the world of talent acquisition is constantly changing…  it keeps me on my toes. I stay connected with leading practices, innovative technology and creative sourcing solutions. This allows me to better serve my clients and candidates with best-in-class recruiting practices. 


I created Talentspire because I recognize a disconnection between corporate recruiting departments and outside recruiting vendors. My process and methodology are designed to bring the best of both worlds and practices together.  Who better to implement this than someone who has spent significant time in both worlds? I have over a decade of full lifecycle recruitment with small to mid-sized software/technology companies and government contractors. I also spent a few years as an Executive Search Consultant working with small to Fortune 500 clients. My experience has been heavy technical recruitment as well as corporate function recruitment (Finance, Accounting, and HR). I’ve filled hundreds of positions and VERY challenging skillsets over the course of my career. I’m passionate, tenacious, genuine, and dedicated. I consider myself an expert and trusted partner to both my clients and candidates. I pride myself on building and maintaining successful relationships.

My mission and purpose is to provide top-notch, affordable and collaborative talent acquisition services to organizations large and small with a laser focus on quality vs. quantity.