Are you frustrated with paying inflated agency fees?

Are you tired of working with recruiters that don’t take the time to get to intimately know your business and current challenges?

Do you feel that working with recruiting agencies is more time consuming than it is helpful?

Are you stressed because your recruiting budget is limited and you are only able to outsource so much before it’s gone?

Do you feel that recruiting agencies are too sales driven and not focused enough on what is best for your team? Or that you are working with recruiters who are inexperienced yet still charging a premium for their services?

Would you like to partner with someone that KNOWS first hand the pressures your recruiting team faces on a day to day basis that include a lot more than the primary goal of finding top talent?

If you can relate to any or all of these questions I can help take some of these frustrations off of your plate!

My Recruitment Model


My recruiting model is much different than the typical contingent or retained recruiting model and will provide the best of both corporate and agency recruiting practices. This will include the following:


Flat service fee

Savings up to 50% over the typical market fee. 


Ability to hire more than one candidate for same rate

All candidate submittals (fully screened, qualified and interested in your opportunity) are yours and you are free to hire as many as you’d like.


Administrative assistance (to save your recruiters time)

Writing job descriptions, screening internal applicants/candidates that you haven’t had time to contact, scheduling on managers’ calendars and anything else we can do to save your recruiters time and headaches (they have enough to worry about).


Laser focused, customized search/high touch consultative approach

Time and expertise are the most important aspects in a search. I ONLY work on a minimal amount of requisitions at a time. This allows a complete and thorough deep dive on your role to ensure the best results for a successful hire. Scheduled weekly ‘touch base’ meetings with the hiring manager and internal recruiter are a requirement. Consistent and constant communication ensures we all stay on the same page and adjust priorities as needed. Transparency on both of our ends is key.



My goal is to combine the best practices of both executive search recruiting and corporate recruiting. I want to partner with you in a way where you feel that I’m an extended part of your team, an expert adviser with your best interest at heart and not a hindrance to your process or highest priority of finding excellent talent. I would like to help you:


Positively PROMOTE your brand/company.

Save TIME and MONEY during the recruiting process by allowing you to hire more than one candidate for same rate.


Provide a GREAT candidate EXPERIENCE to those considering joining your organization.


Be your EYES & EARS to things that are being said by candidates about you (both - and +) that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the flat fee and what are the payment terms?
The service fee will not exceed more than 10-12% of the expected first year salary.  A portion of the service fee will be required before a search kicks off.  The remaining amount is due on the candidate's start date. 

2. Why should we pay you anything before we’ve seen any candidates?
This is an investment in securing your most valuable asset (your human capital) and the thorough approach that is taken to engage highly sought after candidates.  You are paying for my time, expertise and someone to work very closely with your team – not a large agency whose goals are driven by sales numbers and a revolving door of inexperienced recruiters. By both parties (myself and your organization) being fully committed from the beginning of the process, it creates a partnership vs. any possible tensions with your internal team. Transparency and working in tandem with each other are top priority for a smooth and successful search. I also truly believe it provides a much better candidate experience because candidates will be made aware that the company has retained my services and that everyone is on the same page.  50% of the service fee is a small price to pay when you consider the overall fee savings and the dedicated service that is provided to you.

3. How many qualified candidates can we expect to see during the search?
My goal is to provide at least 3 qualified and interested candidates to you. I will ensure this by staying in constant/weekly contact and partnership with the hiring manager and internal recruiter. If we are 2 weeks into the process and having challenges coming up with qualified candidates, we will work together to come up with additional strategies and solutions (expectations, salary, interview process, qualifications, etc.). Every position is unique and should be treated as such.    

4. Do you provide a guarantee period when we hire one of your candidates?
Yes, for 60 days.  Should the new hire leave after 60 days, I will  be more than happy to reach out to the additional candidates I’ve built relationships with during the active search phase and facilitate any new discussions on your behalf.