Are you frustrated with recruiters who approach YOU for a new opportunity but, can’t give any details such as company name and basic functions of the role?

Do you wonder if the job they are selling is real or are just using you to get their foot in the door with their next ‘potential client?’ 

Are you tired of hearing things like ‘you have a great resume and are a perfect fit’ without getting to know you beyond what’s printed on paper?

Or, ‘ABC company is awesome’ but, can’t say why?

Do you feel as though you are only a number or check in the box for them in order to meet some sales quota?

Do you wonder why you never hear from them again after they’ve gotten you all excited about a new opportunity?  

I work very closely with my clients. All of my open job opportunities are fully funded and vetted for specifics such as ideal qualifications, compensation information, cultural environment of the organization or team, interview process – what to expect, timeline for hiring, onboarding process and benefits information.  

When we speak I will be 100% transparent about company and specific job details and upfront on your qualifications and possible fit.

Furthermore, my clients have retained my services before recruiting for their role begins so there is not any incentive on my part to withhold information from you or use you for a sales quota or gaining a commission check. 

My goal is to build a relationship with you and assist with your next career opportunity; whether that happens from our first meeting or we stay in touch over time.



My job placement process


Initial conversation with me via phone or video (FaceTime or Skype…  your preference)

30 minutes or less is my goal. It may take more than that in some instances. Your time is precious so I do my absolute best not to waste it.  Our conversation will consist of:

•  Me getting to know you and what makes you tick!
•  Informational session about the client company and the role.
•  Determination by both of us if it makes sense to move forward with presenting your candidacy to the client.
• Application and interview process step by step (this will vary depending on the company).


Interview prep with me before each interview stage via phone or video

You will be well informed on what to expect, who you will be meeting with, etc.


Feedback after each interview stage with the client company

If you are chosen to move forward in the process, I will be guiding you on every step of the way through the offer and onboarding stage. If not, I will close the loop and let you know why you weren’t chosen so you can use it to improve for your next interview.


Keeping in touch!

Once I’ve built a relationship with my candidates, I want to make sure we keep each other informed. Whether you are hired by one of my client companies or not, I like to keep the lines of communication open for what the future might hold.